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Let's talk about "One Hour Photo", "Old School", and "Road To Perdition".

One Hour Photo: I liked the premise of this film, and I liked the execuation...but the ending left wme wanting. Truth be told, there's really only a couple ways to end a film like this, either they guy gets away, the guy gets arrested, or the guy goes down in a hail of gunfire. Face it, the 'hammer party' ending has been done to death, and 'getting away' is a little chilling, but still, it just felt lacking. Still, up to that moment, it was really good, and the main character'sone real dream sequence was downright creepy. If you haven't seen it, the basis is this: Sy Parriish is a photo developer, and over the last 10 years has fixated on this one family, who seem perfect. When Sy discovers that the husband is cheating on his wife, and then loses his job, he gets a little stalker-esque. Worth the watch, if only to see Robin WIlliams as another dark character, which he's proving (along with Death To SMoochy and Insomnia) that he can do quite well.

Old School: Three guys, all (for one reason or another) feeling like they grw up too soon, perhaps, start their own fraternity, and try to recapture the glory days, at the same time as attempting to avoid getting evicted by the Dean of the school. Sounds stupid, right? Well, it is in places, It was worth the rental...Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn are great, and Luke Wilson isn't bad. It was great to see Jeremy Piven again, as I've ALWAYS thought he was funny. The movie wasn't great, it was predictable, and I wouldn't buy it, but it was fun to watch once...at least it was a damn sight better then the average Gen-X "comedy".

Road To Perdition: If you haven't seen this, do, it was pretty damn good. It was a little hard to accept Tom Hanks as a hitman for the Irish Mafia, at first, but he did a fine job. Paul Newman...well, how do you go wrong? Short version: Tom Hanks is a hitman, right-hand man to the Don, and his sion accidently sees a "talk" go wrong, resulting in a bloodbath. This might have been OK, but the Don's son goes and tries to 'clean things up' resulting in the death of Hanks' wife and other son. Hanks runs, and then wants revenge...but will blood be thicker than water? See this, it was well worth it.

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