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(Me and jahnjitalking about 'One Hour Photo')

jahnji: Want to know what I think?
jahnji: I haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure it doesn't end this way: it should end with the CIA completely surrounding him, and as he turns around to run away, all 20+ of them would unload their pistols, MP5s, and M14s into him.
archmage: Yeah, true...but that ending has been done to death.
jahnji: All movies should end like that... like The Recruit
archmage: or Killing Zoe
jahnji: I haven't seen that
jahnji: Want to know another movie that I think should end like that?
archmage: ?
jahnji: The Truman Show
archmage: LMAO
archmage: that would rock
archmage: he comes out, discovers the 'real world'...and someone guns him down
jahnji: after he leaves that false city and enters the real one, CIA has him completely surrounded
archmage: hee hee
jahnji: his girlfriend is there and she yells out "NOOOO!" when he tries to run away and 20+ CIA agents unload on him
archmage: BOOYAH
jahnji: I think there's an Editor's cut with that.
jahnji: haha, you know it should end that way ;)
archmage: Hell, I just want them to do that to Jiim Carrey in general ;)

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