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Long Days, Long Nights

Man...sitting around today with jahnji and Mary (his sis), watching the rest of 'Berserk', I found myself getting noddy-tired (you know, that feeling of being tired combined with catching yourself nodding your head, and wondering how long you were just out for?), and thought to myself 'why are you so tired?'

(Yes, not only do I talk to myself, I have full-fledged debates, stage plays, and occasional demonstrations with myself...we're awful crowded in here sometimes.)

It dawned on me that between last weekend's festivities and the various bouts of stuff this week, I haven't had a really good night's sleep, and it finally started to weigh on me. The headaches that have come and gone for the last few days apparently didn't help any. So probably an early turn-in for me tonight, especially since I'll be out at the in-laws' place tomorrow, helping man the fireworks, and between that, and kids running around (some of which are real hellions and need to have Mr. and Mrs. Spank pay a short, sharp trip to botty-land), I better be bright-eyed and frosty.

The sleep dep didn't affect my artistic talents, though, I'm happy to say, since I did 6 preliminary mock-ups to send to karzon (I'm designing his business cards).

Did I consider napping earlier? Of course not, that might have been smart. Besides, Bug and I were having too much fun playing with lightsabers and doing bodyslams onto the bed (I'm such a COOL bad influence).

I haven't done any catching up with you guys, but I will in the morning, I promise.

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