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20 years ago I was...

...living in Jacksonville, Florida, 10 years old. Probably had just started playing pee-wee league soccer (not by choice), and was still involved with Cub Scouts (also not my choice, but I enjoyed it). I was heavily into my Atari 2600, reading, board games, and science. I was a nerd and geek at school, let's see, that would be, what, 4th grade? I had a crush on on Heather Monroe (short brown hair, killer smile). My best friends in the neighborhood were Todd Rahaim and Laura Connell, and mom was making me take piano lessons. I was just about to DM my first D&D game...and fall in love with it.

15 years ago I was...

...living in Franklin, Tennessee, 15 years old. 9th grade at Franklin Junior High School. While I already had the makings of a long and scary sexual history, I had only had two real girlfriends at this point, one of which just recently killed herself. I was just figuring out that I needed to get off cocaine, and managed to quit cold turkey and never look back. My family has just learned that I don't believe in God, and have just gone through the roof about it, taking all my books and music with the intent to 'give back what they feel is appropriate'. My best friends are Allen Petersen, Brian Pigg, Becca Pratt, and the rest of the ShamCon crew.

10 years ago I was...

...living in Memphis, 20 years old. I'm attending Memphis State University, and already bored out of my skull (about a semester away from the first drop-out). I'm dating/living with Kelly Birchfield, and our relationship is starting to get on my nerves...little do I know that she will try and attack me soon, and cheat on me. I've also just made a serious break from my family, and after an ugly bunch of words on both sides, we will stop speaking for the next year. I've recently gotten into comics in a big way.

5 years ago I was...

...living in Memphis, 25 years old. I've dropped out of college three times now, and given up on going back any time soon (I just don't seem to care enough to stick with it). I'm working for Xerox Business Services, and doing a damn good job, according to the company. I'm spending 5-6 nights a week gaming, and I wish I'd never have to quit. I'm dating multi_jinx, and I've either just recently asked her to marry me or are about to (at the time, she will accept, as neither of us realizes how things will change). I haven't joined my band yet, but it's just over the horizon. My best friends are my soul-brother discordian and Aaron Hoffman, the brother I never had. I haven't quite gotten over my alcoholism, but I'm slowly cutting back on it.

1 year ago I was...

...living in Vancouver, Washington, 29 years old. After a bad break-up with velvetacidgrrrl, and living with caliban and 01flux for a year (and rayce for part of it), I've fallen in love with zombiedip, who loves me back just as fiercely. I've quit my job at EarthLink to move here to be with her. I'm still settling in to the new life, and I don't have any friends in the area yet, and am missing my Seattle buddies, but I'm happy anyway. I've barely gamed in the last 2 years, and that bothers me, but I'm getting heavier into digital art. I'm just about to interview for a job that will turn out to be a scam and a sham.

6 months ago I was...

...here in Vancouver, 30 years old. I've gotten past my depression at turning 30, and am much happier about it. I've gained some cool friends, I'm still not gaming, and I'm still not in a band, and I'm still not working. Di and I have talked about marriage, and though it's not official, she has said yes. Bug and I are closer, and it looks like things are gonna be A-OK.

Today I...

...am still here, am days away from being officially married, and have made a beginning as a "professional" graphic artist (not much of one, but a start nevertheless). I've undertaken a major art project of my own, and I'm still not gaming or in a band, dammit.

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