God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


Man, rotten afternoon yesterday. I'm watching 'The Animatrix', and fell asleep, managed to wake up long enough to get comfy, and proceeded to pass out again. I wake up long enough to notice Di has just come in and is tellign me she has to run to the bank, and fell back asleep.

Now, if I sleep in the afternoons, I will tend to wakeup with a headache, unfortunately...and that is just what happened when the cellphone woke me up. To make matters worse, the phone call was Di's ex...for ME.

Now, get this: the long and short of the phone call is that he doesn't like that "I told Bug he couldn't express his emotions" and that in the future I should "let him express himself". Also, he understands that I used some alcohol in cleaning bug's knee wound, and he feels that soap and water would have been fine, because alcohol can hurt, and he would appreciate my not doing THAT in the future, either.

Do you believe this guy? Christ, you know, karma be damned for a change, I want something very fatal to happen to this guy when no one is around him. What a menace to humanity.

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