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Weekend Update, With Chaos Blackflame

Well, wow, what a weekend. Haven't hardly been online, so let's recap.

Friday: mostly boring day, until the evening, when keesor showed up. Now, I had never met him previously, but I learned that he has left his home and friends on a mission, and since he is a friend of wesa I was more than hapy to put him up for a couple days. He's riding his bike across the country, planning on it taking the next couple years, all to try and do the same thing I try to do: raise the consciousness of the basic human, try to help them start to understand that they do not have to be a slave to the things that hold them down...my kinda guy. Had a fabulous time hanging out and kicking back.

Saturday: After a late night, an early start gets me going, as I know that this is the day that I am to be officially married to Di. The morning, well, it passed pretty much in a daze, it was just filler time. Eventually, as Zero Hour drew closer and closer, friends started to arrive, and by the time we finaly said 'OK, enough stalling, let's do this', we had a bit of a crowd: karzon showed up with delilahbowie right after polarbear got there, dravengodvamp came down from Seattle with a couple friends, Kat and Darren (hope I spelled that right, tell me if I didn't!), and dirtbikev even came over (which was way rockin', since I haven't seen her since I left Seattle), and of course keesor, Di, and myself. Made it all legal, and proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon drinking, laughing, and taking phone calls from various friends and family...a great day. And yes, to answer the question again, I'm incredibly happy. ;) Also, one big major happy "thank you" to all the congratulations I received yesterday...you all rock! keesor and Di both passed out for a while, so I spent the time glancing at piuctures and downloading new models for UT2K3, and eventually got to bed at some upgodly hour.

Sunday: Why did I wake up at 5:30? No clue, but I felt it, be sure. ;) Still, no worries, I was plenty frosty. We took keesor downtown to Powell's and to Saturday Market (since those are about the only things to do in Portland that don't cost and arm and a leg). Oh, discordian, while I was at Powell's, I found a copy of 'Masque', so I'm reading it now...yes, it's quite good! Eventually we returned home and relaxed, keesor made dinner (a seriously scrummy shepherd's pie, whcih I'm happily looking forward to doing for lunch leftovers!), and we kicked it until we all finally headed to bed.

Which brings us up to Monday, which was anbothr bright and early start (after sitting up until 3am reading...oops). Like it or not, it was time for keesor to move on and hit the road again, so we got him packed up and out the door with as good a send-off as we could, wishing him the best of luck, enjoyment, and safety, and looking forward to his return. Why are so many of the coolest people I meet nowhere near me? Maximum suckage. Still, it's great to have met someone else that GETS IT, who understands the same things I do, and who is working towards the same end I am: the enlightenment of the human race above the petty crap it's mired in. Rock hard, my friend, and you are most welcome in my home anytime.

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to ATTEMPT to catch up with y'all's weekends, and consider getting some sleep tomake up for all the festivities the last couple days.

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