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Running Joke

OK, it's just getting to be funny, now, in a "desperation" sorta way.

I figured, as it was Friday morning, nothing going on, I'd get to maybe catch up on some of the sleep I've missed...BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA, that should teach me. I knew the guys from Public Utilities were coming today to replace my electrical meter (I got a notice about a recall about a week ago). They called yesterday to schedule the appointment, and since I didn't have a specific time in mind, they said they'd be here between 9am-3pm, and that they would knock first to make sure I knew it was happening (power would go out for a few minutes, I didn't wanna be on the computer).

What time does this entry say? They just FINISHED 5 minutes ago. Yep, knocked and woke my ass outta bed at A QUARTER 'TIL EIGHT.


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