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Goofy Friday Link Time!

Not that this is something that you should have been expecting, but hey, I'm Chaos, right? Gotta be different at LEAST occasionally. Much thanks to various people that I got these links from!

M.C. Escher in LEGO - Man, some of this stuff is freakin' WILD...and the rest os just impressive. *thanks to opalcat*

Family Suing Over Hell Prediction - A New Mexico family is suing their local Catholic church over a funeral Mass in which they claim a priest said their relative was only a middling Catholic and going straight to hell. Um...yeah. This is an 'Organized Religion Screws People Up' rant mixed with a 'Frivolous Lawsuits' rant waiting to happen. *thanks to poisonous_vine*

StompyCyberGoths: The Best DDR Players? - Not trying to harp on the Goth thing today, this was just funny...as kespernorth and I discussed this morning, "goths" are some of the only people left who actually dance...and even THAT is fading. *thanks to kespernorth*

France Bans the Term 'E-Mail' - What? France playing the 'our dick is bigger than yours' game with a US term? How ODD...not. It's not as bad as it initially sounds, but it's still funny. etherpunk and I talked about this today, and my comment is that the online community is nice because the cultural and political boundaries aren't as prevalent...much closer to the idea of "one world, one tribe" than anywhere else. Oh well, humans are involved, it'll get screwed up somewhere. *thanks to etherpunk*

Lovecraftian Name Generator - Not a quiz, juts a random genrator for Lovecraftian deity names. Oddly fun to play with if you are an HPL fan. *thanks to necronomiphiles*

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