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Humans, And Why They Are A Threat, Issue No. 872346587

etherpunk and I were discussing the woman who killed her two-year old, and was considered "not criminally negligent" because she apparently has been found to have severe schizophrenia...

etherpunk: OK, you're always ranting about how sick people can be. Have a look at this article.
etherpunk: *link to story*
archmage: With a buildup like that, I'm ALMOST afraid ;)
etherpunk: Seriously, take a look.
archmage: WTF?!?!?!?!?
archmage: Holy cats....
etherpunk: Exactly
archmage: OK...
archmage: I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that the woman is completely schizo, and should be severly committed....
archmage: However.....
archmage: They better put that bitch in a straightjacket and lock her in the basement.
etherpunk: I'm not exactly sure how the Canadian legal system works compared to ours, but yeah, she needs to be locked away...
archmage: I mean, OK, if you really DO have some severe mental disorder, then I suppose you maybe CAN'T help it...
archmage: But then you do not need to be out in society (or having children!)
etherpunk: Good.
etherpunk: They're locking her up for now.
etherpunk: So I have a little more faith in the world's legal system.
archmage: Good
archmage: Now, if this were America....
archmage: They'd drop her in psych eval...and in 18 months, they'd decide again if she needed to be helped or let go.
etherpunk: If this were america, she'd probably be in a seat of government somewhere.
archmage: Or she'd be a senator, yeah
archmage: LOL
etherpunk: Or better yet... President!
archmage: No...she's not crazy nough to be Prez.
etherpunk: And she's not stupid enough to lie about what she's done.
archmage: Exactly. America, Land of the Free, Home of the Schizophrenic.

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