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Actually left the house today, of my own volition. Decided that a little consumerism was in order...and besides, it was nice to go somewhere with air conditioning. Stopped off at redheadevilchiq's place on the way, to drop her off a copy of Bionic Jive's "Armageddon Through Your Speaker" album, and ended up fixing her scanner and teaching her about music ripping and disc-burning while I was there.

Off to Earth's greatest contribution to high culture: the Mall. No wandering for me, though, I know where I'm heading...the same place I'm usually heading: Suncoast. There was a 4-DVD set of flicks I saw the day before, including 'Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' which i wanted. I would have gotten it when I first saw it, but I was too busy keeping a deathgrip on the one copy of the restored 'Metropolis' I had found, and that took priority. Beyond the set, I wanted to try and find a copy of Dungeons & Dragons: Scourge Of Worlds, a sort of video "choose-your-own-adventure", for those that remember them. The D&D I found, but the set was gone, so instead I picked up a set of bad gore flicks, mainly because it included 'Pieces' and 'Kiss Me, Kill Me' (I love Italian horror). Needless to say, that is how my afternoon has been spent.

Speaking of flicks, I haven't done reviews of a lot of the ones I've watched lately, either because they were obscure enough that I doubt anyone but me would like them, or they were just old flicks...but would you believe I saw 'Hair' the other day for the first time? And actually enjoyed it? Me, who hates musicals? Yeah, was not bad at all...not something I think I'll just throw in randomly of my own desire, but not bad, for all that.

One quickie review I'll put up, though, that I saw this evening: 'Phone Booth'. I remember hearing that the release of this got delayed, due to the fact that it was due to come out just after the Washington DC sniper crap...and since it involves a guy trapped in a phone booth by a sniper, they freaked out. I gotta say, this movie kicked ass, IMHO. Simple, but thrilling, and nicely pulled off. I'll definitely own it, just to watch the psychodrama play out again...extremely well-done. Colin Farrell does a great job of being a slimy publicist, Forest Whitaker is wonderful (as he always is), and Kiefer Sutherland was perfect as the sniper...I knew I knew that voice, but couldn't place it until I saw him. If you haven't seen it yet, do so.

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