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Tatu's Trouble

It looks like yet another gimmick group might bite the dust if rumors are true about the controversial girl-girl act Tatu. Reports claim that the dynamic Russian duo could be heading for a major break-up, and it's all because of a brutal power struggle. Word from behind the scenes reveals that Julia Volkova (the dark-haired one) is so unhappy she may walk away from the act, and Lena Katina (the other one) is upset over the idea that Julia's taken on the role of leader of the band. So much for that unconditional lesbian love.

Oh yeah, and speaking of that, get this ... despite their touchy-feely numbers that allude to the two of them being an item, they've reportedly argued over Julia's professional-karate-chopping boyfriend. Boyfriend? Hey, I thought this was a girl-girl kind of thing. What's a dude doing in there? The Russian news service Pravda reports that the two girls became rivals after they realized they liked the same boys -- and since Julia has a steady boyfriend now, jealousy has reared its ugly head.

Tatu producer Ivan Shapovalov had this to say about the whole mess: "When it's hard, when things do not work, people often have a feeling to quit all that and go. This can happen to Julia too. Even if people do something together, they might always want to do something on their own." Well, then, they better get their fake act together, because they're already set for a tour in Turkey, Hungary and Denmark this August, and their new album should be finished by the fall -- if they stay together that is.

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