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Haven't done one of these in a while, and besides, necrobutcher alwasy snags them from me, so it's only fitting that I snag this one from him...

1* First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Coffee
2* Last words you said: "Six?!?"
3* Last song you sang: "Boom Boom" John Lee Hooker
4* Last person you hugged: zombiedip
5* Last thing you laughed at: IM convo
6* Last time you said "i love you": today, 1:15pm
7* Last time you cried: no idea
8* What's in your CD player: Rob Zombie, "The Sinister Urge"
9* What color socks are you wearing: none
10* What's under your bed?: games and framed pictures
11* What time did you wake up today: 7:55am, unfortunately
12* Current taste: Coca-Cola
13* Current hair: long, as usual
14* Current clothes: jeans and old tie-dye t-shirt, black boxers
15* Current annoyance: people with their own ideas of how they'd have handled hypothetical situations
16* Current longing: computer-related hardware
17* Current desktop picture: "Gate To Hell"
18* Current worry: none now, we found the check
19* Current hate: hate is boring....but then so are the people I hate.
20* Story behind your LJ username: combination of 'the Magician' form a Traot deck, and my old internet handle
21* Current favourite article of clothing: leather cycle jacket
22* Favourite physical feature of the opposite sex: back and behind
23* Last CD that you bought: Evanescence - Fallen
24* Favourite place to be: home
25* Least favourite place: with family
26* Time you wake up in the morning: whenever my lazy ass awakens
27* If you could play an instrument, what would it be: bass, I suppose
28* Favourite colour: purple
29* Do you believe in an afterlife? not really
31* Current favourite word/saying: "Of course...I'm right."
32* Favourite book: The Illuminatus! Trilogy - Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea
33* Favourite season: Winter
34* Favourite scent: none
35* Favourite day: none
36* Where do you want to go: around
37* What is your career going to be like: interesting
38* How many kids do you want to have: moot
39* What kind of car do you have: none
40* What color is it?: N/A
41* A random lyric: "I'm ready to kill my enemies and put them in a body bag while I'm looking at the President and burning the flag." - Bionic Jive, 'Break The Chains'
42* Identify some things surrounding your computer: Lon Chaney figures, Cthulhu statue, wooden hand, skull candle, rubber ducks, tarot deck, plush Cthulhu, bunny with sharp pointy teeth, castle candle, lots of other assorted crap

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