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Up To Old Tricks

OK, long-time readers and old friends may remember the bullshit a couple years ago that happened between me and my (then) friend Alice. For those that don't, here's the short version. Alice had been my friend for years back in Memphis. We'd seen each other through several rough spots each. She broke up with priestofcards, due to some differences, and started dating my best bro' on the planet, discordian. I ended up moving to Seattle, and they movedto NYC not long after. When things fell apart between them, she had the choice of going back to Memphis (which she said she didn't wanna do), going to be near family in Florida (which she also didn't wanna do), or starting over somewhere (which wasn't much of an option: knowing no one, little cash, etc.). I offered to let her stay with me, if she liked the idea of Seattle. SHe did, and moved out here. When velvetacidgrrrl and I broke up, she took the other bedroom as roommate. However, things started deteriorating slightly, and when I let caliban and 01flux stay with us for a little while, she went ballistic after finding some crystal meth in Eric's stuff (of course, she had to go digging through his stuff to find that, but no mention of her snooping). Without hearing anyone's remarks back or admitting her own faults, she up and moved out, just like that. LIed to me about when and how, i might add, as well as bagged out owing me some hard coin (originally, we had talked about getting a new place, and she was saving her money for the deposit, etc, while I paid the bills...and then used that money she saved to bag out on me). She had started dating the main IT guy up at my office, Scott, and I saw her at the office sometimes, but she no longer even ackknowledged my presence. She made a lot of excuses for why she did what she did, and kept bringing up the same thing over and over again, even though those reasons had been dealt with. She never got me the thinnest dime of my money. She blocked me on messenger, and fucked over a graphic/web design contract that I had landed with the company she was working for, and almost fucked over my getting paid for what work I did for them at all. Some friend, huh?

This morning, I get an e-mail that made me fall apart with helpless laughter. Apparently, Alice is up to the same old shit. According to my friend, who spoke with Scott last night, she left a note on his computer telling him she's moving out. They were supposed to be moving, this weekend, into a 3 bedroom apartment, and he has already put $300 down for the security deposit. Sure sounds like something she did a long time ago......when this was said to him, his response? "Yeah, she fucked over Frank, I guess I should have known."

Thought it was funny, and thought you might like to know. And to she who got me this info (no names): love ya, girl!

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