God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Belief Is Not For 7-Year-Olds

Just had to post this couple things.

Today was Erik's first baseball game, and his team did pretty good. Still, this is the pussiest version of baseball I've ever seen. They don't keep track of score or outs. Each team just goes through it's entire batting order, after 5 swings, if they don't hit it, they get to go on to first base. On a hit, they run a single base forward. If they get tagged out, fine, they still go on...and on the last batter, everybody just runs it out. Um, yeah, whatever, way to go, screw them up from the very beginning.

Regardless, though, two things made me laugh out loud. First off, during the game, I was trading quips with one of the other parents, and at the end of the game, he walked to Di to introduce himself. She was going over to talk to Erik, so she was a little away from me, and after they met and exchanged names, he was walking in my direction to do the same. Her ex, though, bolts out of his chair and moves up between to introduce himself first...keep in mind that this is the guy who is very antisocial, and doesn't talk to anyone he doesn't have to (and certainly never looked at anyone else or said anything the entire game except to cheer for Erik), so the only reason he would have done it is to make sure that he got associated with Bug before I was...LMAO, man, I guess I didn't realize just how threatened he feels by me. Sad sack that he is...

The other thing was that we were discussing the name of the team, since we knew their color (obviously), but not the name. We asked Jane, and she went on to tell us that they were wanting to be the Dragons, but there are so many teams and such that wanted/had the name that the coach said no, and they they became the Blue Angels (coach is a huge Anaheim Angels fan). According to Jane, Bug was really pissed that they didn't get to be the Dragons, and his comment about the 'Angels' name was "I don't wanna be the Angels...I don't believe in God!"

\m/ \m/ -- Heh heh...that's MY boy, kiddies.

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