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Weird Sleep Schedules

So I get back from Thane's about 5-ish, still tipsy from the tequila, and figure I'll take a nap, just an hour or two. Eric and Steph are going to some party, which I doubt seriously I want to go to, but I figure I might, just to get out. So, off to bed for me.

*5* hours go by. Oops. Well, no big deal. They leave for the party, and I proceed to stay up for the rest of the night, unable to sleep. They do finally return around 4 or so, I think, and I get more news. Eric got pulled over by Mercer Island cops (he was only there because he went the wrong way, got lost and was pulling off the highway to turn around), and they ended up towing his car! Great just great. Well, I'm back to having no transport again. Fuck.

I ended up awake until 7am, when I finally crawled back into bed more out of a sense that Ishould than anything else, and got back up an hour ago. I am supposed to meet up with the Seattle Dining group tonight, and at the moment have NO CLUE how I am going to do it...(*sigh*)...just one thing after another lately.

What a shitty weekend.

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