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Back And Better Than Ever

I'm not sure what has caused this little vacation from LJ, but I've barely ben posting and not reading any other journals for nearly 2 weeks. Weird. Thi8s from the guy that tends to post several times a day, has nearly 200 journals that he keeps up with to varying degrees, and spent most of the morning doing so. Still, old habits die hard, and I caught up with you guys today (sorta, I'm not gonna read back through 2 weeks of entries!).

Let's see, what's happening in Chaos's life? Well, not a helluva lot. Mostly, it's been a lot of bad movies, hanging out with Kat (who, you may recall, is staying with us for a little bit). dravengodvamp should be back down tonight, and the two of them will start trying to get their own place. It'll be good to have good friends so close, again, and should start some gaming ASAP, which may extend to karzon and anyone else who wants to make the trek here for it, schedules willing.

Plenty of vidgames as well (duh). Went through Arx Fatalis (disappointing ending), and presently taking a break from Ghost Master (great game) to play GTA: Vice City. Yeah, like you care.

Caught up on my art (as seen in ljtarot), and yes, there are some icons that I need to make (cathlapotle, dragonmusic, sandmansister, karzon) as well as an ad banner or two for corachaos. I'm such a fuckin' slacker.

Di and Kat had a long-ass day shooting with a couple of photographers (the incredibly cool Bridgett of RopeLover.com and some guy from Spain), but it was probably just as well that they weren't here, as I was spending two hours wrestling with a pirate install of GTA:VC.

Di's MRI went fine (not exactly a dangerous procedure, after all), so now we wait for the results, and start working from there. Frankly, I think the cause of her problems is her coworkers...since they are a bunch of mongoloid ass-monkeys, and her attacks only happen at the office.

Oh, back to houseguests, we did have rayce come down, bringing with her faemortel and her girl Kaitlyn, and they were hella cool...Erika, did you leave your leather jacket here? WE found one, way too small for any of us, no idea where it came from...

Well, anyway, guess that about catches you up on my life...yay rah, right?

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