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Early, Late, What's The Difference? It's All Shit, Anyway.

You know, sometimes I really think I should actually allow a shrink to get a good, clear, unfiltered look into my head. This is for purely selfish reasons (i.e. so that I can be declared 'shouldn't be working' and get State Assisstance for being fucked-up). Every time I've talked to one, I've always been guarded about what I say (I am quite aware that this defeats the purpose of therapy, but that is also the point...Only once has my therapy been really voluntary). It would make things easier in places, and people would know I was messed up.

You know, I had no intention of writing that, I really had something tottally different to say, but you never know what's gonna come out. Anyway, what I meant to say is that I really shouldn't get up early in the mornings. Inevitably, I say something with less tact than I probably should have, and it gets under someone's skin.

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