God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Dream Freakshow

Disturbing one last night.

I'm sure there was more buildup, but I've lost the first part. All I know was that there were several of us, and we all had guns. For some reason, we decided to kill someone, just for the Hell of doing it...we seemed to have some plan for getting away with it all. We even knew the victims, personally. As one of them got out of his pickup, I distinctly remember pulling the gun from the waistband of my pants, pulling the trigger, and realizing the safety was on, then saying that it was easily fixed, flicking off the safety, and capping him. There were two others I killed, a guy and a girl. The girl went down easily, but the guy had a gun, too, and I sorta had to chase him into a bathroom and fight a little, before I knocked the gun out of his hand and got mine in his mouth. The gun had originally been an automatic, but was now a revolver, and when I pulled the trigger, there was a dry click. I laughed, and said that perhaps he was gonna be lucky, and holding his head against the counter with the gun still in his mouth, I pulled four more times, clicking each time. With only one left, I asked how lucky he thought he'd be, and pulled the trigger...killing him. I dumped his body on the floor. The killings...they were FUN.

Now we had to get rid of the bodies. I dragged them into a bathtub (which was not in the bathroom), and piled them in. I recall thinking that the girl was pretty hot, and maybe I could get off on her body just once before we got rid of it (told you this was disturbing). I went to clean up the blood, and looked up, realizing that somehow, the girl was still alive. I went back to the tub, climbed in, and put my hands over her mouth and nose and tried to suffocate her. Funny thing was that even though she couldn't breathe, she didn't put up much of a fight, but she kept telling me that 'this was great, this was just great, don't let me breathe or anything'. Some others came into the room, both my partners in crime and Di's Mom (go figure), and Di's mom starts talking to the girl (who I'm no longer asphyxiating). Somehow, the girl is trying to convince her to LEAVE. Once she's gone, I grab the chick by the head, twist sharply, and snap her neck.

Now things get weirder. The group of us is sitting around in the room, with the bodies, discussing what we're gonna do. We never seem to get to any plan, though, since some of the group is just worried that we're gonna get the death penalty for this, and then the people we killed, one by one, get back up, complaining of headaches and the like. None of them seem to remember that we shot them in the head, or are suffering much from the grievous wounds we (well, I) inflicted. On top of all this, we had apparently won free tickets to see Def Leppard, and for whatever reason, we decided we were going.

I can recall being at the show, in this special section up front, where we were gonna get to meet the band. I had taken a seat, and the rest of my crew was walking around, looking for me, and just as one of them thought he saw me, I piped up (how they heard me through the music, I dunno), and they came over. We were all in good spirits, laughing, enjoying, and as I stood up, my cell phone went off. Somehow I knew it was someone that we'd left behind to watch the victims until we got back. I looked up at the guy with me, said it was time, and answered the call as we walked out of the venue. The person on the phone I distinctly remember being my old friend Vika, and she's telling me, in some odd phrasing, that one of the guys (apparently Russian) is trying to get around again. We run into my friend Molly, who is just showing up for the concert with a video camera, and seems bummed out that we are leaving already. I tell her to get on inside, and on we go. I told Vika not to let them get out of that bathtub, to shoot them if need be, and that we'd be there as soon as we could.

Then I woke up.

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