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OK, so yesterday was the family reunion at the in-laws, and this year was an added bonus of dravengodvamp, purpleflake, and pop_rasta being here with us. We got out of here about 1 and drove out, and after a brief period of sitting around bullshitting, Doug and I got the grill fired up. To make a long story short, we did chicken, ribs, and hotdogs for the kids, and the ribs were even better than last year (I should have cooked them one flip less, I think, though people werer coming up for the rest of the day expressing to us how damn good they were), and the chicken was to die for. I've always said that if you want your BBQ to come out right, put a Southern Boy on the grill...and here we had two. Damn right those ribs kicked ass.

The evening was a relaxing one (had to be, we all ate ourselves stupid!), joined by karzon and delilahbowie, neither of which I'd gotten to see for about a month, so 't'was good to hang with them. Made plans of various times and nature, some to potentially get Joe in one of my games, and some that are not to be named in public.

Speaking of games, I got the crew here in the house to make Kult characters Friday night, and we start with initial situations tonight. Finally, I get to stretch my game legs again!

Discovered that faemortel and rayce didn't have a place to stay, so they didn't come down Friday night, and when they tried to call Saturday, I didn't get the call due to being out of range, so no rats. Still, Rayce is gonna hold on to them this week, and Doug says he'll snag them and bring them back down with him next weekend. so I'll have them then. Animals in the house again!

Speaking of animals, Friday night, Doug and Co. found a teddybear hamster running down the sidewalk. They snagged it and brought it home, and we considered keeping it (it was adorable), but opted to let it go, since, being outside, we didn't know what it might have picked up, etc. Still, for a couple hours, it was here, and even gained the temporary name of 'Spindle' (because we didn't have anything to keep it in, so for the moment we put it in an old CD-ROM spindle case).

Today's Project: I have a computer in the house at the moment that belongs to Di's boss. It's basically a piece of shit, and has several problems. Doug and I are going to attempt to make the thing worth owning. I'm pretty certain that this will ultimately entail wiping the drives and starting from scratch, but since it';s not my machine and since the CD drive doesn't work, I'm not sure we can do THAT without some tall improvising. Ah well, we'll see.

Well, I've rambled on long enough for now.

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