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Weekend Update, With Chaos

Yeesh, what a weird coupla days.

Started out Saturday afternoon, going to see "Freddy Vs. Jason"...which, I'm sorry to say, as much as I enjoyed it, I was mildly disappointed. Too many little things that were either stupid or didn't make any sesne. Yes, I can hear you guys in the back groaning, saying 'It's a slasher flick, it doesn't need to make sense', and you are correct, in a way. But when you've followed these flicks as long as I have, it's just wrong for the filmmakers to screw up basic things. For instance, one of the points they played up was the fact that Jason was supposedly afraid of water...um, no. And Freddy had some boring dialogue...come on, one of the things that made him cool was his smartass lines (though there were a couple good ones). Still, lots of killing, some nicely disturbing scenes here and there, some fun fights between the two heavies, and a couple nice touches at the end. Oh, one other thing that bugged me: look, I'm a guy, I like tits as much as the next guy, but I'm so fucking sick of seeing these flicks where every female character is between 17 and 25, thin-waisted, huge-breasted, dopey smile, cookie-cutter chicas who don't look like anyone you would ever know. Just annoys me to no end.

Saturday night was the continuation of the Kult game, bringing dravengodvamp and pop_rasta into it. It didn't take long for Doug to be running for his life and RJ to be confused...which is just where I wanted them. We gamed into the early hours of the morning before stopping.

Di went to bed, and I followed shortly, discovering that the headache she was getting turned quickly into a full-blown migraine, and I shagged my ass down to the corner for pain meds. Finally, she quit writhing around and crying heavily about 3:30am, but I stayed awake until about 5am keeping an eye on her. Not a big deal, but it did mean that I slept until noon, and might have slept longer had Di not awakened me.

Glad she did, though, since I was supposed to show up at strangewink's place around 3:30. Made it easily, though, and spent the afternoon and evening sitting around in his backyard, drinking, smoking, talking, laughing, and generally having a ball. We discussed the website for his band, 'Stovokor', which I'll be doing. Always good to hang with Bill, and I'm trying to bring him into the Kult game, as well. Leaving his place, we were passed by three different cop cars, an ambulance, and a firetruck, all heading(vaguely) in the direction of his place, so I only have one question: Bill, do you have any dynamite? ;)

While I was there, I got a call, out of the blue, from my cousin, Heather, who I haven't talked to in years. Now, it was actually good to hear from Heather, as we haven't talked in quite a while. The only times I hear what's up with her are through the grapevine of my Dad (her uncle). Let me give a little background here: the family there (my uncle Jimmy, aunt Carol, and cousins Heather (6 months older then me) and Jill (6 months younger than me)), are quite religious. I don't have even the slightest problem with this, I wish them the best of luck and the happiest of lives ahead of them...but they tend to sermonize about it, and we all know how that annoys me. Still, fine, as long as it doesn't affect my life, right? I haven't talked to uncle Jimmy in about, oh, 4 years now, and the last time I did, it was the first time in at least 3 or 4 years previous...and he called me up to preach to me for 2 hours, asking "where is Jesus in your life?" (It was all I could do at the time not to say something along the lines of "I found Jesus, uncle Jimmy...he's out in my trunk.") He did this because he'd seen my website, and was worried about me and my soul after reading the fact that I was tattooed, played Dungeons and Dragons, and the like...yeah, tools of the Devil, whatever. OK, so, when Heather called, within a few minutes, my brain whispered "she's gonna start in on religion, you just know it" which wasn't fair...but turned out to be true. Into the convo and the catching-up, it came around to what I was doing, and my computer graphics, and she mentioned she'd seen some of my work...and she tells me that it made her worried about me, and "made her heart fall", and she worried about my soul or something.

Christ on a bun, what the fuck? So, what, if I do some picture that is darker in nature, does this mean that my soul is in peril? You know, the art someone does has NOTHING to do with their belief systems, so right off the bat, that is a stupid and asinine assumption. Add to that the fact that these people don't know a fucking thing about me and never bothered attempting to keep up with me and find out what I was up to, and the asssumption becomes more unbelieveable. Now, pile on top of all this calling me up and leading around to a convo which is trying to find out what I DO believe in, and then telling me what she believes in (as if I asked or even cared), and you can see where my mood went. Now, I gotta give her some credit...at least she didn't try to tell me that I was wrong and needed to change (like her father did). She actually seemed fascinated that I could have the beliefs I do (some of which are quite Christian, and, in toto are a pretty upbeat and "good" set of beliefs) and not believe in God (as if the two things are inextricably linked or something), and wanted to know more about this belief system that I follow. I almost laughed when she said "I don't know anyone that believes like you do,"...Hell, of course you don't, you only know other Christians (and the few token other religious foreign types that you put up with, a slight smile on your face as if to say "isn't that cute?"), you wouldn't normally give any non-Christian the chance to get to know you without preaching your own beliefs, as if it amounted to a hill of beans in a friendship...I only got that chance because I'm blood. Anyway, she wants me to e-mail her and give her a run-down on my beliefs, wants to know more about it, and I'm happy to do so...but I swear, thr moment she makes a comment about my being 'wrong', or how I should convert or something, she'll get The Warning...and disregarding The Warning means immediate closure and cessation of communication. I got e-mail from her last night, incidently...and she's already said that she isn't ashamed of what she believes because she knows that it is truth. *shakes head*...how can people be so dense? Well, I'm giving it the ol' college try...and I hate to say I don't have high hopes for the way it'll go, but that's kinda the way it is.

Fucking keep your religion between you and your deity, all of you It's your right to believe as you wish, and I will support your right to do so until I die...but you don't "know" that it's fact anymore than I do, that's why it's FAITH. And in the absence of FACT, fuck off. Tell me I'm wrong about my belief, and you just show what an idiot you are.

So, anyway, another call I got was from faemortel, who was passing through Portland last night and wanted to stop by, pick up the leather jacket she left here, and drop off the rats she's giving me (she's moving across the country, and couldn't afford to keep them/transport them, so I took them). She was to arrive about 2:30am, no worries. Around 1:30am, though, she called, just starting out, so i passed out, woke back up at 4:30am to let her in, etc., and then stayed up to wake her up after a nap (she looked really tired, so I was happy to help). Never managed to get back to sleep until Di left for work, and passed out until 11am.

So, here I am, slightly out of skew, with 3 adult female rats. Haven't decided if I'm naming them all after female murderesses or the three Fates from Greek mythology.

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