God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


I know, there hasn't been much of me on lately. Let's see, developments:

Well, dravengodvamp, purpleflake, and pop_rasta got their apartment yesterday, so they should be moving in over the course of the next week or so. Been great having them here, and will be doubleplusgroovy having them in town. One of my best bro's here, always a plus, add to it the fact that games will now be the norm, and I'm happy.

Started initial designs for Stovokor's website, but need more info before I can go further. Will get hold of starngewink for that, as soon as I have some time.

Lots of computer gaming, all of which has rocked, and most of which has not been released yet, so I'm not mentioning any names...but once the games are out, I'll be recommending them. ALso major downloading, most recently Chinese horror comedy and 14 episodes of the Battletech cartoon.

Several harsh mood swings lately...more than I'm comfortable with, and more than I care to admit. Still, handling them nicely.

The rats are slowly learning to like people...we opted to skip more classical naming and go for something closer to them. Thus, one is named Panic, and one may end up being named Snort. The third is as yet unnamed.

Getting a new couch today, and our old one is going to the new apartment. Oh, and I found a big Captain Morgan's Rum' mug last night, so add that to my 'big mug' collection.

Been showing all of the second season of 'Lexx' to Kat and RJ...I love getting people hooked on that show.

In my absence (or at least, minimalistic LJ use), I know I've missed some birthdays...sorry! Thus, this is one big b'day shout out to: lilinchylde, kellibunny, naivea_te, jezibelgoth, and optimusjesse...hope all your days kicked major ass.

Yes, I have icons and pix to do for several people, I'm sorry they aren't done. Side note to that: roocifer! I started on your billboard, hated the way it turned out, and scrapped it. Starting fresh in a couple days after a little more re-imagining.

See? Any surprise I haven't been around?

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