God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Onward Into The Night

Long day yesterday, hence the lack of posts...let's recap, shall we?

Woke up entirely too early, to go help out the dad-in-law with the last of his wood chopping. Since I had dravengodvamp and pop_rasta helping out, we got it done pretty quickly, and with a minimum of joint pain...always a plus. We stayed for a meal (yummy home cooking, never to be turned down), and finally returned home, trucking along some furniture that Dan and Crystal gave to Doug and Kat for their new place. Figuring that we needed to keep moving or we'd not get back up, we loaded a few more of their boxes in the vehgicles and got them to the new place.

Returning home, the pool looked oh-so-inviting. While lounging in the water, this chick comes out of the office for a smoke by the pool:about 5'7", 120#, blue bikini and a set of overalls. The three of us watched her, as, well, we are all red-blooded American males...come on, we didn't OGLE, but we watched. She drops the top of the overalls, and we start thinking that she KNOWS we're watching, as she soon stands, eases the overalls down to her hips, and then settles back in. She gets up, though, fixes her overalls, and goes inside. We all comment to each other that it was just a tease, and laugh it off. She leaves later with her less-attractive friend, and as she gets to the gate, she suddenly flips down the top of the overalls again, for no apparent reason. Interested, we keep an eye out, and as she walks along the path (which goes beside the pool), she shoves the overalls down, revealing a great view of her behind. After a few paces, she reaches down to hike it all back up, but takes a moment to turn her head, duck it slightly to see through the fence, stares right at us, smiles, and pulls her overalls back on. We considered applauding. but she was gone...it's nice to see someone that knows she's being watched, and enjoys it enough to be fun; take a lesson from her.

I should also mention that after we went in, we saw her return to the pool again, and she did look over at our door mmore than once...so we applauded. She seemed to get a kick out of that.

Most of the rest of the evening was slow until game time. Kult is still going well, scaring everyone. We gamed into the wee hours of the mmorning, when the fatigue started finally taking it's toll on people. Not before they were all running for their lives and confused as hell, though. I loves me some Kult.

On the personal front, I recently managed to download all the 'Battletech' cartoons from a few years back, but more fun than that, I downloaded all of the old 'Dungeons and Dragons' cartoon! Man, haven't seen these in...in...well, in a long fuckin' time. Reliving my childhood, one episode at a time..

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