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On Language

As I'm in the car this morning, a couple of the DJ's on the radio started talking about some book or something that was basically a listing of more modern slang and what it meant. Ostensibly this was to help parents figure out what the Hell their kids are talking about. Mildly amused, I listened in.

Christ on a crutch...I really hope they were kidding, but unfortunately I know they weren't. SOme of the stupid-ass things that are considered 'cool slang' just show the downward trend of humanity. Beyond such dumb phrases as 'bling bling' (which, sadly, is STILL popular) and the ever-present '-izzle' and '-izni-' mutations ('skiznils', 'shizit', 'shizzle'), we have added such complete inanities as 'chillax' (to chill out and relax simultaneously...redundant? You betcha). Made me think of the convo discordian and I had a long time ago, about the proper usage of '-izni-'...a funny convo, to say the least.

Now, don't get me wrong here...I'm aware that every generation defines itself in music, fashion, and language (as well as othr ways), and the older generation will not necessarily 'get' the younger, because of those changes. Hell, I grew up in the 70's and 80's...I went through Disco, Punk, Pop, and Metal movements; bellbottoms, medallions, platform shoes, parachute pants, multiple belts, wild hair, heavy make-up, spandex, and fishnets; and everything from 'groovy' through Valley-speak. However, linguistically, I didn't succumb to most of the really stupid things that were said. It was all around me, but not used by me for the most part...but then, I was never one of the 'cool people' or with the 'in crowd'. Silly me, I wanted to be able to express myself and be understood by those I was talking to, and it was more important to me to establish an identity that said "Frank", not "80's kid".

Speaking of younger generation doing something I think is really stupid, we dropped by and saw Bug Monday afternoon, to give him the rest of his school supplies...he'd been in Montana with his Dad for the week. He's in a good mood and all, and so I don't want to mess with him...but he's had his hair cut in that "shaved down all over with the front ridge up across the hairline' thing. You've seen this, all over, I'm sure: almost no hair, except for the hairline in front, left longer, maybe 2 inches, and then standing straight up, making you look like a sideways rooster or something. Yes, to go back to a previous point, we had some weird hair in the 80's...but I thought a lot of THAT was stupid looking, too. Frankly, my opinion is that this is one of the dumbest-ass hairstyles to come along in a while: what, you combing the air for extra particles? doing your place to help pollution? or just adding a tiny billboard to your head? Well, I did my best to say nothing about it, I know that's just the style, and I'm old and out of the loop.

I guess I'm just not 'cool', never have been, and never will be. But if not being cool means that I can talk to anyone without them scratching their heads and pegging me as an idiot or thinking I look like a moron, then I'm happy to be uncool.

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