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Stupid Stupid Stupid

OK, something new that I get anoyed by.

Now, I know Yahoo has thsi whole 'offline message' thing. And I can see the usefulness of it, being able to leave a note for someone, even if you can't see them...works like an answering machine. Besides, you gotta do that, since everybody and their brother logs into Yahoo as "invisible"...nothing like a community full of people, on a chat client, that don't want you to know they are there. IM Voyeurs? You make the call.

Anyway, so, fine, offline messages. However, like anything that can be useful, humans manage to make it into something stupid. Christ, I've seen people go through entire conversations over several days through offline messages...and I'm not talking important plans, just bullshit. Hell, I got an offline message this morning that simply said "Hello". No follow up, just 'hello'. if this was to see if I was online or not, then there should have been one following, saying 'guess you aren't there, blah blah' or something...which of course, is what you have to do since everybody and their brother logs into Yahoo as "invisible"...did I say that already? Hmmm, must really bug me.

Here's a wild concept: you're on a chat client to talk to people, so how about showing when you are there, and save the offline messages for something that you need to tell but can't wait? "But Frank, " you whine, "when I'm not invisible, I get annoying and disgusting random IM's and stuff!" Boo-fuckin'-hoo. Gee, there's this little 'ignore list', maybe you've heard of it? Let's you block people you don't like? I know, I know, it's SO hard for you to do the one or two clicks it takes to ignore someone. My heart bleeds for you, really, it does. Oh, wait, that's not blood from my heart, it's bile from my stomach.

Wow, I'm in a randy mood this morning, huh? Happy Weekend to you all!

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