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Yesterday's Poll

OK, I should be upfront honest...I did that poll because I used the term 'one-cheek sneak' in front of Dianna, and she just collapsed, having never heard it. It surprised me, I thought that was a classic, so I figured I'd get a good cross-section.

Wow. I guess things really were different in my childhood, where I come from. Sounding old? Yup, right here, buddy.

So, for the benefit of all the no answers, here are some definitions:

~ "Digging For Green Gold" - a third of you didn't know that this is a term from inserting your index digit (pick a hand) into your nasal cavity and rooting around until you find something...or, in layman's terms, picking your nose. (23 to 13)

~ "Over-The-Shoulder Boulder Holder" - only kellibunny and woap were unfamiliar with this pubescent teen reference to the woman's undergarment worn to support and give contour to the breasts, the brassiere. (34 to 2)

~ "Bakin' Brownies" - a close race, but two more of you were unfamiliar with this phrase than knew it. Come on, this was in South Park, season 1 (Aliens capture Kyle's little brother)...I'd have thought that alone made this euphemism for the smelling of anal vapours (*snifsnif* "Somebody's bakin' brownies!") more well-known. (16 to 18)

~ "Under-The-Butt Nut Hut" - an even closer race, but one extra vote gave the unfamilair the lead. afrodite79, you are correct in your guess that this is a reference to the male safety support garment, the jockstrap, usually said by females in reference to the 'boulder holder' comment. (17 to 18)

~ "One-Cheek Sneak" - Well, it was a close one, but the ratio of 17 to 18 again pops up, in slight favor of the unfamiliarity of this classic comment. O, how the mighty have fallen...ah well, no great loss. For those not in the know, have you ever had to fart, and been in a position of not really wanting to let it rip for various social reasons? You can't hold it in without cramps, and besides, you know it'll just build up and be worse later, so what do you do? Well, Miss Manners might not tell you, but you know: you lean slightly to the side, lifting one rump-cheek slightly, allowing it to escape as quietly as possibly...congratulations, you've just performed The One-Cheek Sneak.

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