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Going Away Party

OK, we're combining our efforts for entertainment this Friday, 9/12, for the local crowd. One reason for the event is to show Amazon Women On The Moon (and possibly one of the Thumb flicks). The other reason is to say goodbye to my fave DJ and damn good friend, jahnji who will be moving away very soon.

This get together will be located at delilahbowie's new place. If you need directions, please contact her. She's informed me that she has an extra bed and a futon, so if anyone needs to crash for the night due to abnormally high levels of alcohol consumption there will be room.

So here's the lowdown...

When? Friday, 9/12, 6:00 p.m.
Where? delilahbowie's house
Why? To send jahnji off in style, and watch bad movies

It's BYOB and snacks would be nice too. Let's make this a night to remember.

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