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10 September 2003 @ 01:19 pm
Movie Time  
So, we watched Jeepers Creepers 2 last night.

Hmmm...well, if nothing else, it wasn't any worse than the first one. That makes me sound like I hated it, and that's not true...see, I liked the first one, for the most part. The gamer in me was digging the creature, trying to figure out the background story of the 'Creeper', where it came from, what it was, et cetera. I was disappointed that the only background given was the whole '23 years/23 days' thing. The rest of the movie was good, just left ya hangin'. So, when I heard there was a sequel, I had mixed emotions. Would they finally give some background? And was it supposed to be 23 years later? I dunno, it just had mild potential at best, it seemed.

Well, I was glad to see that the sequel was set several days after the first movie, so it's the same time. They used news reports of the goings-on from the first film to help set up the second...OK, that was well done, good move. The 'Creeper' looked about the same, with slightly more detail, no problem there. Suddenly, though, they just kinda added a bunch of shit, and removed a bunch more. Gone was his cool huge-ass truck/van. Gone was the song, which seemed to be so central to him. Gone was his wicked looking axe. Suddenly, he's into throwing these talon-shaped shuriken (nice nod to the first film in having Derry's tattoo on one of them) with the force of a shotgun blast, and a dagger that likes to apparently throw itself. Suddenly, he's strong enough to flip a school bus and fly at something approaching the speed of sound.
Suddenly, he's got more obvious attitude (which was fun to watch).

Now, on the good end of things. The 'Creeper' did get more screen time, and he looked great. He also kicked a load of booty equal to the first movie times three. It's known that he can eat the parts he's missing and grow them, so when he took massive head trauma, ate some guy's head, tore his own head off and grew another head in the space of about 10 seconds, that was pretty trippy. And, there was some good dialogue, which, like any decent horror flick, is secondary. Possibly best: the guy who gets set up as the one who will have a change of heart/attitude and prevail as the hero eventually? He dies...which is good, because within five minutes of him speaking, you hate his guts.

On the bad side of things: right off the bat, not a DAMN bit of added backstory...DAMMIT! Also, what's up with Farmer Jack, here, who has the engineering knowledge to turn a post-hole digger into a harpoon gun, and goes off after the 'Creeper' like he knows something? And, when he has the thing's "dead" body, why does he not go have it encased in steel, or concrete, or Lucite, or SOMETHING? I'm not saying I didn't expect it to have some plot holes, but DAMN.

So, overall? Well, it wasn't any worse than the original...when I see it in the bargain bin on VHS, I'll buy it. Why not, I own the first.
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Sandiesm101 on September 10th, 2003 06:50 pm (UTC)
I thought it was quite enjoyable. Laughed too. ;-)
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Rollarchmage on September 10th, 2003 09:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I got a kick out of it...probably because it didn't take itself too seriously.