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The Weekend, Thus Far

Last night, we had planned on having a get-together to send jahnji off in style. As it turned out that dravengodvamp was moving back to Texas as well, we combined the two...and what a gathering it was. Obviously, zombiedip and I were there (our house, duh), and dravengodvamp and pop_rasta were already here (purpleflake was feeling particularly crappy, so she went back to their apartment). jahnji showed up, closely followed by polarbear and delilahbowie. Wasn't too long before karzon showed up, bringing with him royhuggins (which was a pleasant surprise), rebirtha, and Jesse, the only non-LJ in the room...sad, but true (sad that I noticed, I mean).

What followed was a long evening of laughs, fun, and hard drinking by at least a chunk of the room. Schedules kicked in and people left, bit by bit, until I drove Doug and R.J. home (little too much boozage), and returned to watch the last DVD of "Berzerk" with John...which I ended up mostly sleeping through, dammit. Finally went to bed,. noticed that I had serious shoulder pains, as well as odd pains in my lower chest, just below the pecs. Two hours of sleep later, those pains were beyond hell, and I didn't sleep much the rest of the night.

So, what a great way to start today, huh? Feeling OH-SO-FROSTY, we left to attend Erik's last ballgame, which not only meant that we had to be around both FuckHead and MotherFucker (Di's ex and his mother, for the new people), but after the game was the team gathering and trophies, etc...which meant extended time in their presence. Luckily, it didn't last too long...especially since the chest pains made it impossible for me to breathe very deeply, so I was FUCKING MISERABLE.

After wishing for my own death for a while, I decided something had to be done to get my mind off of the pain...which turned me into a geek. There's an old ATI 3D Rage II+ vid card sitting here in this box, and an old, dying monitor in the closet...my stupid ass decides that I can multi-monitor the Banshee with them. Two PCI vid cards, the aforementioned and my normal nVidia GeForce 4 Ti 4400...should work fine, right? (*snicker snicker*) Well, we had a lot of fun getting the card to work properly, and then it decided to just uninstall itself...fought with that for a while, until I got it working...whee! of course, then I had to figure out WHERE I had room for a second monitor...the answer to this question is "Yeah Right". After trying various setups, I get the BRILLIANT idea to take apart my metal shelves and build a rack/scaffold over my main monitor, set the secondary over it. Believe it or not, this worked, looked sweet. I've now torn apart the whole room to do this, but I got it to work, so I'm happy. Approximately 5 minutes later, the monitor dies. Well, fuck. I proceed to dismantle everything, put the shelves back together, put everything back, rearrange everything back to the way it was, and pout.

So, a fuckin' GREAT evening (thanks to everyone that showed, I felt alive again), was followed by a crapola day. If I'm lucky, I might get to see cheapdialogue and teri_lee tonight, but since they won't be free until 10pm, and we have to get up and 4-fuckin'-30 in the morning to get Bug (don't ask, long story), that may be wishful thinking. Well, these things happen.

Fuckin' Hell, this hurts. And now, I hunger.

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