God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


Man, does it feel good to breathe with minimum difficulty...I know this should be obvious, but have it hurt you for four days, you'll understand. You really learn to appreciate it. I figure by tomorrow, next day at the latest, it should be back to normal...niiiiiice.

Actually made a doctor's appointment today to have my shoulder looked at. Yes, after YEARS of pain, I'm finally off my lazy ass and getting something done about it. Appointment isn't until first week of October, but it's set. I realized I haven't been to a doctor for something since...well...I don't know. Can't be less than 10 years, and probably more than that. The scheduling chick looked at me fuinny when I said that I had no records to transfer...oh well. Hope for the best!

Happies for today:
~ I'm now have all five albums by Do As Infinity (just don't have their live album). This kicks ass, since the only other way I was gonna get them was to special order them from Japan.
~ After my mention yesterday, I finally found my Jessie-girl...which is a major happy, since I was missing her. Now I can cast pixie-dust curses on her again. ;)
~ Got hold of a copy of Poser v5.0, which I've wanted for quite a while
~ Did I mention that I can mostly breathe again?

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