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Well, it's official...I'm sick as a friggin' dog. The cold meds only lessen the syptoms, but they never really go away...so it's lots of nose-blowin' and coughing and sneezin' for me. Whee, joy.

Spent most of the day cleaning house, with a brief stop in the middle to take my vacuum cleaner apart to fix it. I like being handy.

Finally saw the second 'Lord of the Rings' flick...very good. Looking forward to December, for the third. Also saw Identity, which was a great flick. I guessed the ending, but they pulled it off nicely. And for you serial killer fans, here's a tip: when you see, at your local rental place, the flick 'Nightstalker', about Richard Ramirez -- skip it. It's not about Ramirez, it's complete and utter crap. And this is coming form me, the King of Bad Movies.

Speaking of bad movies, I got one more flick to watch, which I had to get: Scarecrow Slayer. Man, it just oozed badness from the very DVD case...in fact, it's so bad that Di decided she couldn't watch any more of it, so I shut it off...I'll watch it sometime this week. Gawd, is it horrible. ;)

Read David Martin's Lie To Me last night. Not bad, but didn't impress me. Started back on the Midkemia novels tonight...man, they reeled me right back in. Damn fine books...I highly recommend the whole damn series, which, I believe is up to 13 books now, somehting like that, not counting the three-book sidestory he wrote at some point.

dravengodvamp, purpleflake, and pop_rasta should be here soon, stopping by on their way to Texas. I'll be looking forward to your return, my brother.

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