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DivX/XviD Questions

I dunno how many of you guys out there in the aether ever deal with ripping and encoding movies, but if you have any experience with DivX and XviD, see if you can gimme a hand with a problem I came across today.

I downloaded a copy of a movie, and didn't notice until I got it that it was not a DivX (as I had assumed), but encoded with XviD. Reason I noticed was that when I played it, the sound was fine but the video was upside down and reversed. Yeah, dig it.

OK, now, I use DivX Player 2.1 for my DivX flicks, I just prefer it to Windows Media Player 9 times outta 10. So, I go looking for answers. First things first, I go get the XviD Codecs, and nothing changes. A little forum digging gets me to thinking that I need to get the latest download of FFDSHOW Alpha, which I get and install. However, when I do, it will no longer play at ALL, in either player. Uninstall FFDSHOW, and at first, get sound but no pic, but that seems to fix itself.

Now, here's the really fun part: if I play it in WMP, it plays fine, correct orientation. Same damn file in DivX Player, it does that weird flipped and reversed thing. So, I can watch it, no great loss, I can deal with WMP for that flick, but I can't figure out why DivX Player would do that.

Any ideas?

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