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Do you know who painted "The Scream"? How about "The Kiss"? How about the "Mona Lisa"?

If you do...you probably aren't British. By the way, the answers are Edvard Munch, Gustav Klimt, and Leonardo da Vinci.

According to a study commissioned by the Encyclopaedia Brittannica, 1 in 10 Brits think Van Gogh painted the Mona Lisa.and only half of those studied got it right at all. Only 15 percent gor Munch right. Nine percent thought 15th century artist Sandro Botticelli painted David Hockney's 1967 picture of a Californian swimming pool "A Bigger Splash".
18-24 year olds were the worst, with NONE of them being able to identify Klimt as the artist of 'The Kiss', regardless of the piece's popularity as a poster.

Over 40% admitted they had never been to any Britain's museums. Yeesh.


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