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Back In The Saddle Again

Man, the last week or so has been packed.

Obviously, with caliban here, we're almost always doing something, and it usually leads to us both laughing like fools...lots of good times. Needless to say, we had a blast at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Friday was mostly spent watching various film shorts of varying quality, but mostly good. A nice easy start...Saturday brought us to the first 'secret screening', followed by more movies. That night was one of the huge high points of the evening for me, as Brian Yuzna was supposed to be receiving one of the Howie Awards this year (given by the festival to those that have noteably supported or advanced Lovecraft's work). It turned out that, due to filming on his new movie, he was unabel to attend, but his wife, Cathy, and son, Noah, showed up to acceopt the award on his behalf. Afterwards, I got a chance to talk to his wife, asking her to send my appreciation for his work along to him. We ended up talking for a good 15 minutes, and she gave me his personal e-mail, saying I should drop him a line, telling him myself. Brian Yuzna's e-mail address! Man, too cool. After watching his latest, 'Beyond Re-Animator', we headed for the second 'secret screening' of the night. The second high point of this year's festival was then, as we sat down to watch a short film so bad that it has gained a small cult status among those that know it, an adaptation of Lovecraft's 'Dreams In The Witch-House'. It really is horrendous, and one of the characters in it, 'Elwood', is so badly done that the audience makes fun of him the whole way through. Andrew Migliore, who founded and still runs the festival, came out before and gave away a few little goodies, and then came out again, as there was a problem with the projector, and he was, in his own words, 'stalling for time', and called attention to the shirt he had been wearing that day, which advertised a film called 'Elwood', which was apparently the "sequel", to be shown next year (yes, the director knows the reaction his film gets, and apparently gets a kick out of it). This shirt is one of only 20 in existence, which Andrew had printed up himself and gave to a few core people as gifts...and he took it off to give as another goodie, as he had nothing else to do. Not knowing what else to do, he started to spout off a fake joke and ask for the punchline, and an out-of nowhere answer from me garnered me the shirt...Hoo-AH! Needless to say, this kicked ass. Sunday (proudly wearing my 'Elwood' shirt, of course!) was the last day of flicks, both shorts and features, and early in the day we got to meet Jack Donner, and snagged an autographed pic for myself (from 'Cool Air') and one for zombiedip (from 'Stigmata'). Late into the night, we saw an animated flick of Lovecraft's 'Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath' which was excellent, and met the director afterwards (a fun guy, to say the least), followed by the last 'secret screening'. A full weekend, needless to say.

Meanwhile, I've spent the last three days fixing computers, first getting zombiedip's back in working order (annoying spyware problems), and then kicking ibdreamy's laptop into fighting trim (KLEZ Worm, among other problems). Yeesh..in fact, I gotta get to her place to give it back...catch you later!

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