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Woke up feeling like I could sleep for another week. After getting everyone to their destinations, came home and attempted to return to Dreamland, only to lay there for an hour and a half before accomplishing it. Slept for an hour, having really strange dreams (as usual), and woke up with the standard 'slept-in-the-middle-of-the-day headache', plus discovered I'd slept on the bad shoulder...Ow.


Trying to finish up the last basic things on the Stovokor website today, now that I'm not distracted by playing 'Max Payne 2'. Must get hold of strangewink.

MUCH MUCH thanx to kespernorth for noting that Luxt is on tour...going to see them on the 30th. Anyone in the Portland area should join us there, the show will rock...and besides, how can you turn down 4 bands for $6?

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