God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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Dream Snippets -

Most of this one was pretty mundane, no worries, something about finding a house that we had come upon from a different direction than usual, that I think belonged to my Dad, and various useless family nonsense (as in it made no sense, but wasn't disturbing or anything), and then I was in a strip mall, and in one particular store, the floor was mostly greenish water, about two feet deep, with wooden walkways and ramps, upon which were large stone blocks and a few shambling zombies. I could knock the zombies into the water with the stone blocks, which casued them to turn reddish and die...and then, they started singing and attempting to dance, which they were ultimately unsuccessful at, as they were falling apart.

When you start dreaming musicals involving singing, drowning zombies, it's time to up the medication.

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