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Weekend's End...For Some

Well, I'm glad I took the next two days off, since the weekend so far has been pretty pointless. The party, as stated, was basically nothing. Today, all I did was clean up the apartment (though, that was an accomplishment, it REALLY needed it).

Also, as stated, I'm not gonna have the money to go see Nickelback...damn...so I was looking forward to the Darkest Of The HIllside Thickets show tonight. Well, I could never find any info on the show, only knew about it from what I was told. After a wild round of internet searching, phone calls, and scouring anything we could find, it finally came out that, yes, they were playing tonight...in Ontario. Not Seattle. Ontario. So, obviously, no show.

Oh well. Just as well. Shouldn't spend the money anyway...but payday in just a few! WOO-HOO!

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