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Man, I'm in a major load of pain today. Ungroovy. No surprise, though, afdter the running around I did yesterday.

Around 3, I got my ass in gear for my first physical therapy appointment. This didn't SEEM like much, pretty easy stuff, really, but I gues he moved my shoulder more than I thought, since it didn't take long for it to start really hurting later on. Got out of there, and had a few minutes at home to make a bunch of notes for later, before jumping back in the car. Picked zombiedip up from work, grabbed some food for the road, and headed downtown.

We had figured that we'd not have too much problem with traffic, since rush hour vehicles were coming OUT of downtown, and we were headed in, and for the most part, we were right. Got to 5 miles from our exit with no problem, made good time, and then spent the next 35 minutes going those last 5 miles. Sheesh. Finally made it in, and picked up strangewink from work, along with Jason, one of his partners in crime from Stovokor, the Klingon metal band I was to see last night. Over to Bill's place for a moment of relaxation, and off we went again.

Arriving at the home of Merlin, Stovokor's guitarist, Di and I were treated to a live performance by a seriously kick-ass band. It may have just been practice, but they sounded primo. Besides, with the Luxt show cancelled, I needed some hard, loud music, and they supplied it with force. Afterwards, we retired to the upstairs, for some talk, laughtr, and further discussions on the website I'm building for them. Finally, it was time to pack it in, and off for home we went, dropping Bill off at his place on the way.

All the way home, I could feel the night's movin' and shakin' catching up with me, and by the time we made it home, I was no longer willing to stay vertical. Di rubbed some Tiger Balm into my shoulders and neck, and that helped some, but not much. Waking up this morning was a serious chore, and I'm not doing well. But, hey, that's the name of the game, right?

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