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Weird Combinations of Stimuli Gain Homologous Responses

It has been a long few days. Very long. Too many things happening. Too many things not happening. Phone calls I didn't want to get or make. Phone calls I DID want to get or make. Awake at times I prolly should have been sleeping, and sleeping at times I prolly should have been awake.

But I know it's for the best in the long run. And I plan to keep running for a very long time.

Someone pointed out to me, recently, that I am not taking a Zen attitude towards life, but rather a Taoist one. OK, if I am bitching about life, not happy about it, and your response is to belittle my word choice, then fuck off. *I* know it's more of a Taoist attitude, but most people I might have said that to wouldn't have gotten it. But fine, so be it.

Me and my Taoist outlook are going to bed. Good night to those who care. If you're one of them, message me sometime...

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