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Well, OK, that's done. Not too bad, really, but, then, I still have anaesthetic working in there.

I swear, doctors apparently don't actually read those notes that they leave in your file, if they are from another doctor. I get in there, and I have to explain all over again what I'm there for, who I saw, what they did, and what they concluded...all while he's sitting there holding my medical records. It's bad enough that his name was Dr. Garrison, and I was imagining him with a puppet on his hand the whole time. He proceeds to re-examine me, and determine that, yes, that sounds like the problem...DUH. So he leaves, and a nurse comes in to 'get things ready', which just means filling the syringes. Yes, more than one...sheesh.

She leaves, he comes back (must be nice to have someone to do all your shitwork), and proceeds to chat with me about my work while sticking me with the first needle, rooting around in the uscle, which isn't exactly pleasant, but not a big deal. That one was full of xylocaine, so the second one doesn't hurt as much, which is good, since he REALLY let's that one wander around in there (mixture of the cortizone and more xylocaine). Finally, he decides he's had enough fun and finishes up, and I'm outta there.

Arm is a little achy at the moment, but not too muich more than usual. Once the anaesthetic wears off, it will get worse until the cortizone kicks in (which he claims may take as much as a week before it really sets in...yay, fun). If it's not doing it's work, I go back in a month for a second one, otherwise I should be groovy. Wait and see, I guess.

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