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Quote For The Day...And A Case Of Influence

Quote: "I'm not comparing, I'm complaining!" - zombiedip
Influence: Bug wanted to be Lobo for Halloween, but he's with his father this year, and I know for a fact that his father and grandmother don't have the first idea who or what Lobo is, so I've been giggling all week, thinking about Bug trying to describe Lobo to these to mental midgets. Well, last night, DI called him (as she does every night he's away from us, to tell him goodnight), and she asked him if he had a good time going out for Halloween. Talking to him for a moment, we discovered that Bug did NOT actually do Lobo...but apparently, he tried to dress up as CTHULHU! Even he said that it didn't look good, and he looked more like a 'crazy poopie monster', but still...man, that's too funny. That is SO my kid, sometimes. ;)

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