God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Work, Work, Work

Man, what a day. Up way too early, but the morning was fun anyway. After some time with Di (the details of which are not for you), we sat around watching House Of The Dead. I gotta tell you...this so so pathetically cheesy, it was fun. Have you ever played the video game that this is based on (samename)? If not, let me outline it for you real quick: light-gun shooter. Yep, stand there and shoot at whatever pops up on the screen....you don't even control your movement. Now, adapt that to a film. Teenagers caught on an island with an arsenal and hundreds of undead...write your own plot. Some wild camera work made it even cheesier...this is a 'sit around and make fun of it' flick if there ever was one.

Back to the story. I travel 45 damn minutes out into bumfuck Hillsboro to work on a computer for a friend of Di's boss...that ends up taking about 3 hours, but I made $40, so what the Hell. Back here for food and whatnot, and then I check on my download. A movie I'm dying for, I discover it's packed into some format I've never even heard of (*.mvk, in case you were curious). Spend the next 90 minutes trying to get it to work, only to ultimately discover the whole thing was corrupted anyway.

So, what do I do? Turn into a geek and start fucking with my system. I should know better than to do this, beause whenever I do, I get nervous that I have screwed something up and thus will kill my system...so every time I reboot to check on the changes, I'm always sitting here with a pounding heart, hoping to Goddess that the system will come back up OK. It always does, but that doesn't change the fact that I get freaky about it.

Not much happening tonight. But I must remove myself from the keyboard, or I'll never leave.

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