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Well, I dunno what the fuck was wrong with me yesterday (that's a lie, I'm quite aware that I am occasionally cyclothymic), but I'm glad it's passed. I was in such a mood that I barely spoke to or saw anyone all night, just stayed back in my room, away from the rest of the family. Pretty smart, that. I'm quite certain Di could tell I wasn't gonna be much good company, and wisely let me be. She kicks so much ass.

Talked to my good bro' Merddynn a couple nights back, and I'm glad to say things are turning around inhis life. Things are going much better, and with his new job, he might even get his ass out hewre to see me, which would be primo. Speaking of reestablishing, I found the e-mail address of one of my best friends, all through high school, so I dropped him a line this morning, waiting to see if he responds.

Getting in touch with a couple temp agencies this afternoon, see if they can snag me some part-time work for a while. The extra cash would be nice. If I wasn't in pain most of the time, I'd go for full-time, but at the moment that's not a good idea.

Um....not much else to say. Sometimes, I'm just a boring read, you know?

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