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Work, Work, Work

The down side:

Well, tried the first of three temp agencies today, and with my shoulder the way it is, I really can't be doing construction anymore. That being said, the only thing they had for me was steelwork...um, no. So, that's a bust. Checked the other two online, and one had nothing for me. Joy. Went ahead and made a profile with Volt, we'll see...maybe I'll go see them tomorrow. E-mailed out another resume for a job I found...yeesh, can we say 'Frank Hates This'?

In addition to the new tarot card. I got an icon done today, this for gonzo_md:

Spent the rest of the evening looking up company logos for some work project zombiedip's boss wants done, attempting to clean them up and resize them to a useable size. Luckily, I managed to chat with kespernorth about jobs, women and visitations, delilahbowie about friends, significant others, and my penis, and faemortel about rats, graphics, naked women, and bad friends. Helped the time pass.

I need a drink.

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