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Weekend Update, With Chaos

Welcome to Monday. Today's top story: Generalíssimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Saturday was pretty uneventful, not much happening, other than discovering that a program I'd learned to love was screwing things up, and so it had to go...fixed that sitch, and moved on. Groovus.

Sunday, though...man, talk about a clusterfuck. Didn't get enough sleep, so the day was already starting off bad. Got up, checked my download (almost done), and off we went to get Erik. We pick him up, and..ok, I knew he had gotten a haircut the day before, so i was dreading seeing what I usually see the day after this happens. Now, I don't really care how he has his hair, that's his business, and I don't put any stock into how he claims he wants his hair, since it always gets done the same way (7-year-old, go figure). But whenever that 'haircut' thing happens, he gets buzzed down to scruff, and then gets the little air-dam across the forehead. I know you know what I mean; the hair right along the hairline folded up and hairsprayed into stiffness, resulting in a round look with what looks like a shelf on your head. Looks like someone hit you with an axe and lifted. Say what you like, I think it's one of the dumbest "hairstyles" to come along in a long time, and I hate to admit it, but I can't stand to even look at it.

OK, anyway. Get the boy, head back home, and get a shower. Wait for download to finish. While waiting, discover that something has screwed up my copy of the little game 'Alchemy'...no big deal, I still have the setup files, but it doesn't wanna fix. Oh well, no loss. Go to play some 'BloodRayne'...only to find that it will no play either. Something to do with the Direct 3D engine. Ooooookay...so go and update DirectX, etc.; nothing works. Don't have the discs for the game, so cannot reinstall it, so just have to dump it, and try to get another copy of the game...FUCK. Then discover that my download has quit...at 98 FUCKING PERCENT. OK, now I'm pissed off, kill everything on the machine, leave the house.

Out to the in-laws. Kick back, relax, try to calm down and get a little perspective. Took dad-in-law's offer of a toke or two, and got a little buzz. Head in for lunch, which was quite good, and eventually head home. Spent the rest of the day/afternoon/night holed up in my room, because as soon as I started working on the machine again, got pissed again and couldn't get it working. During all this, my stomach, which had started feeling a tad grumbly after the smoke, was getting worse, and that didn't help my mood. FInally spent half the evening (and a good chunk of this morning), on the jakes. Guess dinner didn't agree with my mood...or something.

Finally, said to Hell with it, grabbed my brand-new copy of Dungeon Siege: Legends Of Aranna, and proceeded to forget the world exists. Gotta say, I'm enjoying it immensely. New things include armour/weapon sets that work together for added effect, a half-giant NPC party member, and rare items. I've been giggling at the fact that a scientist referred to at one point was 'Doctor Sebihp" (Phibes backwards), and the king of the Zaurask, a lizard race, is Nosirrom (Morrison backwards...'Lizard King' indeed!) Anyway, it's nice, and will tide me over nicely until DS2 comes out.

Gee, here's to a great beginning to the week.

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