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Can I Get A 'DUH' From The Congregation?

Oh, this is just so pathetic, it's cute. Paris Hilton now says she is embarrassed. For those who live under a rock, Paris Hilton, heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortunes, has recently been very much seen...in a videotape of her and a former boyfriend en flagrante delicto.

"I feel embarrassed and humiliated, especially because my parents and the people who love me have been hurt," she says. She also says that she never thought the tape would become public. First off, let's be straight up: is she embarrassed she did it? No, she's embarrassed that she got caught. I've seen a couple snippets of the tape, and believe me, she ain't embarrassed to be there (you aren't missing anything, by the way...*yawn*...she spends as much time staring into the camera as she does humping). Secondly, in today's world, HOW many tapes come out of celebrities having sex? After Pam & Tommy, there was Vince and Janine, and before that was Tonya Harding's wedding night...and countless others. You make a tape of yourself bumpin' uglies, you're a social personality, and you don't immediately destroy the tape before it leaves your sight...then it's going public. Don't be naive.

Here's the part I REALLY love. The ex-b/f sues Hilton, her parents, and her publicist (as if any of them had anything to do with this, beyond her) for $10 MILLION, claiming that they are engaging in a campaign to make him look like a rapist to protect Paris's image. I'd like to see where that is going on, since nothing I've seen says anything of the sort, and, again from watching the tape, no one could possibly believe that he was forcing her. Then, he goes and sues Marvad Corp. (Internet porn company) for ANOTHER $10 MILLION, claiming they distributed the tape without legal rights. Can we say 'overkill'?

Oh, but it gets better. Marvad then sues the ex-b/f's former roommate (this is starting to sound like 'Spaceballs') for MORE THAN $10 MILLION, claiming he misled them into thinking HE had the legal rights to the tape (what, they didn't check? Whatta buncha morons.). The ex-roomie says he had an agreement with the ex-b/f (confused yet? I am.) to sell the tape. Marvad agreed to stop distribution after it found out it had been had.

Cripes...shoot them all. Just get it over with.

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