God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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I love forums...really I do (he said, his voice fairly oozing with sarcasm).

Especially, I get a kick out of glancing through the forums on IMDb. Each movie has it's own little forum, and some of the debates get wild in there. My favourites all revolve around one stupid phrase: "Anyone who thinks so must be..."

You'll see this in almost any public 'Net forum. Discussions come about, opinions get forwarded, and inevitably, some ass-monkey decides to spout off his won opinion, at length and with much heaped invective, and almost always ends with 'anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete moron', or some similar epithet. Yeah, sure, OK...thanks for boiling that down to the nitty-gritty there, pal. Good to know that God himself comes down and chats on the forums sometimes, and let's us know what the proper attitude is, so we can all shape up or ship out, isn't it?

Gee, what's that line about arguing on the Internet and the Special Olympics, hmmm? Don't fall victim to this attitude. 'Anyone' who thinks differently from you is not a moron, they are no better than you...actually, they ARE a little better than you, because they haven't gone out of their way to show what a craptastic mongoloid they are...unlike you.

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