God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Useless Info Just Keeps On Coming


Shower: Day or night? Day...start the day off right.
Soap: Liquid or bar? Bar...Irish Spring, baby!
Shampoo & Conditioner: Combined, Suave.
Brush your teeth in the shower: Not normally.
Shaving: Standing or sitting? Standing
Singing: In your head or out loud? Belt it out!
Washcloth: Nope, I'm a hands-on kinda guy
Shower Entrance: Curtain
Shower Layout: Rectangular?


...fallen asleep while showering? Can't say as I have
...taken a call while you were showering? If it was important
...showered in your swimsuit? Only at the public pool, years ago
...showered with a member of the opposite sex? As frequently as possible
...showered with a sibling? Nope
...showered with a pet? Yeah, my ferret thought it was a riot


...share a bathroom with someone? with 2...I go in there to shower and use the facilities, and then I'm gone...
...have one of those dettachable"massage" shower heads? Nope
...sing in the shower? Loud and Proud!
...listen to the radio in the shower? Yep, I ran speakers from my stereo close to the bathroom door
...wear a shower cap? Nope, too much hair
...wash behind your ears? Yep


Describe your shower in 3 words. Warm, wet, soapy
If you could change your shower in some way, what would you do? Make it bigger
What would make shower time a better time for you? Not doing it alone
What celebrity would you like to shower with? Dina Meyer
What celebrity would you NOT like to shower with? Any male, for starters
If you could watch a movie while you showered, what would you watch? (Ahem, no X-rated films allowed! LOL): Most of them (I'm a movie nut)
If you could read a book while you showered, what would you read? (Again, no X-rated paraphanelia): Whatever I'm reading at the moment
If you could design your own rubber duckie, what would it look like? Something Giger would be proud of
What's one thing you absolutely can't shower without? Other than the water...not much
What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you during your showertime? having a gallon of cold water dumped over onto my head, blinding me with shampoo, making me fall over and knock my shoulder out of joint
If you could put up a shower curtain, what would be the color/design/pattern on it? I like my black one, but one with Norman Bates on it would be cool
If you could paint your shower any color you wanted, which would you choose? don't think I care..purple maybe?
Anything else you'd like to share shower-wise? Nothing you need to hear

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