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OK, I grew up reading Garfield comic, and seeing the few cartoons that were on during the holidays before he got his own Saturday morning show. Frankly, he was damn funny at the time...but the days of Garfield are over. Which just makes the fact that they are doing a semi-live-action movie version doubly stupid.

Not that I expect anything less of Hollywood.

Someone in the forums put it best:
On one hand you can make it true to the cartoons and comics, thus making the old fans very happy but probably not winning many new fans.

On the other hand you can make it all CGI-esque and infantile, thus winning over a new batch of young kiddie fans but alienating, and possibly disgusting the old loyal fanbase.

But they'll all go and see it anyway just to see what it's like.

So that decision's been made then. Make a new crappy version targeted at five year olds. Nobody over the age of three is gonna like it, but at least they'll pay to see it.
...and that, kids, means merchandising, and money-making. Screw integrity, it's all about the Almighty Immediate Dollar. Fuck you.

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