God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

A New Excuse For Consumerism

Man, when the government starts getting in bed with the advertisers, and it's screaming at you, it's time to do something.

I just love this new attitude that's being shoved around that says it's now the duty of the American people to go on a rampant buying spree to help the economy. I mean, they're gonna do it anyway, after all, "'tis the season", but it's now coming across as 'the economy will only improve if you go hog wild with the spending, and if you don't, the terrorists win'.

Now, there's a nugget of truth in this. More spending and consumerism means more demand, more demand means more jobs, more jobs means less unemployment, and overall a rise in the economy. At the same time, don't you feel like an involuntary clean-up crew? Like your government is saying 'well, we helped screw up the country without your approval, and now you get to clean it up'. It's bad enough that the Medicare bill is going to put the screws to mine and upcoming generations, while the government pork is handed out by the shovelful...in the meantime, we get to clean up the messes made by a government that, let's face it, doesn't care.

I'm just one step away from running for government office. I know I would not win, as my views would be unpopular and I would refuse the backing of a party. But maybe, just maybe, I could get a word out. just a word. And that word would turn into a mighty uproar...and then, perhaps, the citizens of this country would get off their well-padded behinds and take this country back.

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