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Holidays The Archmage Way

Well, we all know I'm not the most traditional guy in the world. Luckily, he married a woman with the same thoughts, and his in-laws are the same way. So, what did WE do for Thanksgiving?

First off, we all trekked out to see Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, which was fabulous. Incredibly shot, well acted, good story that never got too deep for itself or bogged down anywhere. Russell Crowe is really coming into his own...excellent flick all around. I do recommend seeing it if you get a chance. Guys will love the battle sequences and action, ladies will love staring at Crowe, described by zombiedip as 'a hottie, especially when he lets his hair down. *purr*'

Afterwards. we headed over to Gustav's, a German restaurant. I ordered a hot buttered rum and sat back, preparing myself. After a bread and sausage fondue appetizer, I dove into the best damn Weiner Schnitzel I've ever had, complemented by potatoes and fresh sauerkraut, finishing off with an apple strudel that was to die for.

Yep...Happy Thanksgiving to me.
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